• Louise Rachel Malhi

Reality of self-publishing - it costs!

Where to begin! Self publishing is one hell of a learning curve. And I am still learning... a lot! Everyone tells you, you can self-publish for free. However, what people are not telling you, is that that isn't really the case if you want to have any success at all in this industry. Granted, if you are incredible at graphic designing, editing your own work and proofreading, have skills in formatting and marketing, then you may be able to do it for free, but realistically, this is unlikely. You quickly realize that you cannot produce a wonderful final product without professional help.

What have I had to pay for so far:

At the beginning I paid for many online fiction courses and self-help books on writing. This included things on how to write a successful novel. I took courses on grammar and editing and I paid a consultancy to review my work. £600

This followed with developmental editing of my debut novel - £110

I then had other professional editors and paid readers which cost over £1000

Book cover - £300

Formatting (making your book paperback and kindle ready) - £100

Proofreaders - £100

Blurb help - £10

Website (cost of premium package and domain purchase) £100

Purchasing ISBN (codes you have to get to publish your book) £179

Uploading your book to Ingram spark for paperback books - $49

Uploading to kindle direct publishing - FREE (only free part)

Marketing promotional material (not yet purchased) approx £500 starting out

Total current spend without marketing - approx £2400

The reality is, self publishing is not free! Every penny spent has been worth it, because it has been a dream of mine and dreams are priceless! I have learnt where money has been wasted and/or well spent, so this figure would drop for future books. However, I hope this gives some light on that elusive phrase that self-publishing is FREE.

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