• Louise Rachel Malhi

Realities of marketing a book!

Where do I start. It is hard, tough, near impossible, questions your very sanity! I knew it was going to be hard. Everyone tells you, you spend 90% of your time marketing, 10% writing. They don't lie.

Luckily I work in marketing and sales; however, in a very different capacity (pharmaceuticals). Even when you have a big budget, a well known brand, you have only 2 competitors, and a ton of resources and agencies working with you, it is still incredibly hard to bring something to market. Imagine you are unknown, a tiny fish in the Amazon River (pun intended) with millions of competitors, and near to no money to market your product, how do you do it? I am still asking this question daily.

I don't know the answer. When you ask famous authors, they often struggle to give you the exact magic tool that gets your book out there. The market changes, and it could be your writing in the wrong genre. One year it is all about facebook ads, the next it is about instagram! I can't keep up.

But things I have learnt so far. You cannot market successfully without money. You unfortunately do need some. Any sales you do get, will help fund further marketing. I am not accepting profits any time soon!

Marketing options I am exploring and experimenting with -

- Social Media - facebook groups, book bloggers from social media you find, author review swaps (swap your book with another to get reviews), offer your book for free to get reviews via social media groups

- Perfect your blurb and cover, and update it if you need to.

-learn the best keywords on Amazon to get your book in the best categories for visibility

- lots of book websites that you can pay to have a small adverts

- Facebook, instragram and Amazon ads (all cost money)

- Offer your book for free at lots of opportunities (libraries, shops, hospitals, schools)

- Contact local radio stations and newspapers

Once I have tried all the above, I'll let you know how it goes. I know once you have a bit of a following, you can do much more like mailing lists, joint author work and joint promos.

Also, Amazon is smart and has complex systems where the more reviews and sales you have, the more visibility it gives your book. Catch 22!

I will keep you posted!

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