• Louise Rachel Malhi

How to launch a book! Quick top tips

I am no expert, and I am still learning, but boy, I have learnt a lot. Here are my quick tips to what I did.

- Plan 6 months before you launch it

- Get your social media sites up and running - author pages on facebook, instragram, twitter etc

- Create and publish an author website and consider a mailing list

- Join as many online writing groups as possible

- Get people to read your book prior to launch and get them to review on launch day and past this

- Post your book on groups to find potential readership and send free copies to people wanting to review - I used book funnel to do this

-Post interesting posts on your pages, to build up a readership interested in you (this is the hardest part)

-Do cover reveals on your social media sites

-Talk about your book at every opportunity - act like you know what you are doing and never dumb it down

-Buy your ISBNs and get them registered to your books

-Upload to publishing site - kindle direct publishing for example

-Do a pre order launch for e book to generate excitement

- Research appropriate keywords to help people find your book on your selling platform and apply to publishing site

- Make book promos and post like crazy to everyone you know

Release book!

In later posts I will expand on the above and how I went through each step in detail!

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