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Louise Rachel Malhi is the author of the debut young adult book 'Forged Purity - The City of Eyes.' She resides in Sutton Coldfield UK, with her husband and cat, where her first writing project began, many years ago. She has a true love for science fiction and paranormal romance and merged both her loves into Forged Purity - wanting elements of both in one story. She still works full time in the nutrition industry, after graduating from university as a Dietitian, and spends her evenings writing, reading, baking cakes and binge-watching Netflix.  

Young Adult, Futuristic thriller

If you like The Hunger Games crossed with The Maze Runner, with the romantic elements of Twilight, this is for you. . . 

When he is the only person who can’t be seen…

In a dark reality run by Media UK, everyone’s life is put on display for entertainment. Nobody escapes being filmed, and nobody questions the system. Until seventeen-year-old Adele Jones gets forced into their covert experiment...her memories manipulated and twisted as part of a grand test.


She must escape the experiment, before she is pushed to the brink of insanity. But to do this, hidden away from the city’s watchful eyes, she needs help. And there is only one option…


…Jason Highbridge – the one person who can’t be filmed. A guy with dark secrets more powerful than Media UK itself.


But will Jason’s unhinged nature get the better of her before she can escape?


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